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Read Open Class Livestock Rules and Regulations (including class listings) here: https://www.iowastatefair.org/participate/competition/enter-open-class-animals
TO BEGIN:  Click on Sign In at the upper right-hand of your screen.
EXHIBITOR: Choose Exhibitor from drop down menu. Create an account and establish a password. Each exhibitor who plans to show needs their own account.
QUICK GROUP: if you will be submitting entries for multiple family members or a group of exhibitors and check out all in the same cart. You will still need to create a profile for each exhibitor but can access all the entries when logged in as a Quick Group.  
TEAM/COMPANY NAME:  Use this option is you would like your name to be displayed as a Business or Farm Name.
PASSPORT APP: Optional. ShoWorks Passport is a way of creating one exhibitor account to keep year-after-year and use across all fairs and shows that use ShoWorks.
SAVE CART and SAVE OFTEN! Saving your cart is the only way to keep user data and allows you to return later to complete your entry submission.
UNLOAD PERMITS. Each exhibitor will be given one unload permit. This permit allows a maximum of 30 minutes to unload animals and tack but does not provide parking.
VEHICLE PERMITS. Each exhibitor is limited to two ongrounds lot permits per day. Any additional passes will be issued for Lot Y. Parking will not be available at the gate.  
For questions please contact the Iowa State Fair  
515-262-3111 x207